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Become an IALVS Doctor

How Can I Become an IALVS Doctor?

Thank you for your interest. Members of IALVS are eye care practitioners who are committed to the concept of life after vision loss. Whether experienced in the field or not, prior to becoming a member, they have received advanced, intensive training in prescribing special glasses to keep low vision patients more independent and lead happier lives.

If you are an eyecare practitioner interested in our advanced, intensive training, please contact Dr. Richard Shuldiner fill out the form below or call 1-888-778-2030 and leave your name your, number, location and reason for calling. Dr. Shuldiner will promptly respond.

Specialized Training and Continuing Education

IALVS, the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, is an exclusive network of Low Vision doctors who are intensively trained and receive continuing education in the most up-to-date methods of managing Low Vision.

Only one carefully-selected doctor from each area is invited to join the organization, and all share the commitment to helping their patients live their best life. We do this because of our passion for Low Vision care and making a real difference in our communities.

Apply to be a IALVS Doctor

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IALVS doctors' testimonials for Dr. Shuldiner:

“Listened to power hour today… all I could think of during your interview was how very thankful I am of being a part of IALVS and of our low Vision family! You have been instrumental in changing the lives of so many docs and patients. Thank ya for all you do!”

-Dr. Brett Mills

“I just listened. Very well done. I hope lots of ODs were listening and paying very close attention. Thanks for all of your work to change the Optometric culture.
ps: it’s still crazy here. (In a good way)”

-Dr. Dave Armstrong

“I listened to your interview. Well done. You keep opening doors. Thanks.”

-Dr. Ron Weingart

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