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Dr. Shaun Golemba

4009 Redford Street, Port Alberni BC V9Y 3R9

Dr. Shaun Golemba has been providing primary eye care since being certified by the College of Optometrists of BC in 2001. He obtained his Optometry degree from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, which included a clinical rotation in the Centre for Sight Enhancement, a specialty clinic for patients with Low Vision. Low Vision is a term used to describe patients who are not able to see well enough to do their activities with traditional spectacles, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery. This education was supplemented with a post-degree program through the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists.

In 2013, Dr. Golemba created a Macular Degeneration Centre of Excellence, a program designed to improve early diagnosis of Macular Degeneration, as well as to provide solutions to prevent or minimize advancement of the condition. He has been actively referring Low Vision patients to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), however, realized there is a need for prescription devices in addition to the services offered by that service. Now, Dr. Golemba is able to provide customized solutions to help patients regain their ability to perform certain visual tasks like reading, computer, and watching television.

Dr. Golemba is a member of the BC Doctors of Optometry, Canada Doctors of Optometry, and the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, a group of only 30 professionals worldwide. Separate from clinical duties, Dr. Golemba has lectured throughout North America and abroad. When not at work, Dr. Golemba enjoys exploring the great outdoors of Vancouver Island on his Dirt Bike in the summer and snowboard in the winter. He resides in Port Alberni, BC with his wife and two children.

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