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Help for Driving, Reading and Other Tasks

Low Vision is most common among the older population. This is because they are at greater risk of developing eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, which are some of the most common causes of the condition.

Exactly what degree of vision loss is considered Low Vision is a matter of some debate. Some consider it to be less than 20/40 vision, while others consider it to be less than 20/70 vision. Whatever the exact number may be, we believe that simply being unable do the things you want to do because of a vision impairment is enough of a reason to visit a Low Vision optometrist.

The types of daily tasks that Low Vision patients usually have difficulty with includes:

  • Driving
  • Reading
  • Recognizing faces
  • Socializing independently
  • Using a computer
  • Watching TV
  • Writing

Suddenly experiencing difficulty with everyday things can be a painful ordeal. A sudden loss of independence means that Low Vision not only robs the patient of functional capability, it also leaves them feeling mentally and emotionally devastated and possibly, a burden to their loved ones.


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Let Us Help You Drive Safely and Independently

Facts about DMV Vision Requirements

Every state has its own vision requirements for driving.Click HERE for a summary of all states vision requirements. 

Failing to read the DMV eye chart does NOT mean you fail the vision requirements. If you cannot read the eye chart at the DMV office you are permitted to bring a vision report from your eye doctor.

Passing the vision requirements does NOT mean you get a license. There are other requirements like a written test and a driving test.

Driving with Bioptic Telescopic Glasses

Bioptic telescopic glasses improve distance vision for tasks like reading street signs, road signs, seeing traffic lights, and recognizing emergencies.The telescope must reside in the upper part of the “carrier” lens and be above eye level. The “carrier” (your Rx) lens is used for driving the car. To use the telescope, the head must dip down slightly. The telescope must be used for short period of times due to reduced visual field.

Driving and IALVS Doctors

All members of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists have been thoroughly trained in the prescribing and fitting of Bioptic Telescopic Glasses for driving. They are experts in helping you pass the vision requirements in your state. However, only the DMV can issue a license to drive.

Screenshot 2019 03 29 IALVS helps Macular Degeneration patient drive again   YouTube


Enjoy Your Favorite Books Like Never Before

Hands-Free Magnification

All IALVS members are experts in hands-free magnification. The type of reading glasses we prescribe depend upon a number of factors including:

  • the type of reading you are interested in
  • the size of the material
  • the distance of the material from your eyes
  • the lighting requirements of your eyes

During your low vision evaluation, the doctor will analyze your reading requirements and demonstrate various types of low vision glasses. Some of these may include telescopic, microscopic and prismatic low vision glasses. You will determine which is best for your needs.

Reading 400
Writing 500


We Can Help Improve Your Writing Ability

Making Writing Easy Again

Writing has different vision requirements than reading. Writing requires a longer working distance from the eyes and usually less magnification than reading. In addition, illuminating the paper is sometimes more difficult.

The experts at The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists will work with you to determine the best low vision glasses for your requirements.


Get Back to Watching the TV Shows You Love

If sitting closer to the television allows you to see it better, then you will appreciate the benefits of having your eyeglass prescription built into our Full Diameter Telescope Low Vision Glasses. You will be able to sit at a normal distance from the television while enjoying a larger, more detailed image.

watching tv low vision
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Reclaim Your Active Life and See Faces with More Clarity

To improve your distance vision so that you see facial details better, identify your grandchildren at their soccer games, or enjoy live theater, we incorporate your eyeglass Rx into one of our many types of Bioptic or Full Diameter Telescopic Low Vision glasses.

Members of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists are experts in hands free magnification and will demonstrate many types of low vision glasses to you. During your low vision examination you will see for yourself the benefits of these glasses.


Low Vision Won't Hold You Back From Activities You Love

The members of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists are experts at determining the right low vision glasses for your needs. Each activity has different vision, lighting and distance requirements. The doctor will listen to those requirements and determine the best low vision glasses for your level of vision. Low vision glasses will be demonstrated during the low vision examination so you can see the difference for yourself.

Screenshot 2019 03 29 Woman with Macular Degeneration is able to play Bridge again   IALVS   YouTube

Games Bridge 500


Helping You to Improve Your Online and Computer Work

The members of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists are experts at helping you work on the computer. Whether it is emails you want to read and return or websites you want to visit, the doctor will determine which low vision glasses work best. Low vision glasses will be demonstrated during the low vision examination so you can see the difference for yourself.

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