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Low Vision Resources and Links

Perhaps the most difficult aspect about having Low Vision is becoming dependent on other people. Asking family members or close friends to take over some (or many) of your daily activities can be traumatic and cause feelings of anger, resentment, or shame.

No one wants to live like this, and you don’t have to.

Medicine has advanced over the years, with innovative and groundbreaking technologies becoming the norm. Why not make this work for YOU?

IALVS doctors offer their patients a wide range of Low Vision prescription glasses and aids that can give you back the independence you so cherish. Prescription Low Vision Glasses as well as Products like electronic magnifiers, magnifying spectacles (worn just like traditional eyeglasses), E-Scoop® glasses, prism glasses, and hand magnifiers are just some of the tools that can improve your life. With the right kind of aids, you won’t need to rely on others.

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